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The lenses that you select for your eyeglasses, determine the level of satisfaction you have with your eye wear. Though, when purchasing eyeglasses, frame is also important in terms of comfort and appearance, but eyeglass lenses are more important since they affect your vision and eye safety along with the mentioned two factors. Usually, many people choose the inappropriate eyeglass lens due to a fact that they don’t spend enough time in determining the glass lens material kinds, its design and coating. These things need to be checked satisfactorily in order to make sure the lenses you are getting are best suited for your glasses. This post would help you learn the basics regarding choosing the eyeglasses lenses wisely.

Reviewing the eyeglass material is the major factor. Traditionally, most of the eyeglass lenses used to be made from glass. Though glass lens provides extra ordinary optics, these are heavier and prone to breakage, which might be a source of severe harm to eyes. From the safety standpoint, glass lenses for eyeglasses are no longer widely used. The thickness of eyeglass lens is based on the style and size of your chosen frame. We would suggest you to go for thinner lenses, if your frames are smaller, oval or round. The plastic frames hold the edge thickness in a better way.

Another factor is index of refraction. It is a relative measure of determining how material refracts (light), which is dependent on how fast or slow light passes through the material. Higher refractive index means slower light movement through that material, leading to more bending of light. We can say that for an eyeglass with lens power, a lens made from material having high refractive index, would be thinner than that made from material having lower refractive index.



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